A Yarm School education starts at 3 years of age as pupils enter our Nursery.  From the first day onwards we are ambitious for our pupils and ensure that they feel safe, nurtured and are excited to embrace early learning opportunities.  We place great value on ensuring that learning is fun, engaging and rewarding but also provides breadth of opportunity from an early age.  We recognise that the traditional values of respect and tolerance are fundamental to our happy school but also that every child develops a love of learning and a thirst for success.  

    We have high aspirations for our pupils; most work beyond age related expectations and thrive on the breadth we offer across the curriculum.  Our passionate teachers have high standards and, through engaging lessons, help every child fulfil his or her potential.  Our excellent facilities, broad curriculum and rich diet of extracurricular opportunities ensure that our pupils are readily engaged and enthused, developing quickly their self-confidence and ability to work with others.  We work in close partnership with our parents and engage all members of the school community in the life and success of our pupils

    Building life skills, fostering resilience and developing confidence in our pupils is at the heart of what Yarm Preparatory School stands for, whether in the classroom, on the stage, sports field or in the clubs and activities programme.  Life here is an adventure, full of opportunities that are character building and enjoyable, effectively preparing our pupils for life in the Senior School and beyond.  

    We warmly invite you to come and experience the hum of excited learning that resonates throughout our school and learn more about the ambition and the accomplishment that we foster in every child. 

    Nursery (3 years old)

    Our Nursery provides a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for children to interact and play. Children experience an array of challenging activities which promote learning through play and a real ‘can do’ ethos that builds children’s confidence and self-esteem. We ensure there is a balance of child and adult-initiated activities.  A diverse education is delivered through specialist teaching in French, PE and music.


    Pre-Prep (4-7 years old)

    Building on the bright start children have made in Nursery, life in our excellently equipped Pre-Prep is a lot of fun. Through our creative curriculum play-based learning is blended with a more formal approach that helps every child flourish. 

    There is a wide range of exciting subjects aimed to inspire and every child’s academic curiosity is carefully nurtured. Specialist teaching is developed throughout the Pre-Prep, further enhancing the learning experience and opportunities such as weekly Woodland School develop a sense of adventure.

    Preparatory School (7-11 years old)

    Every school day is busy and fulfilling with lessons, sport, music, extracurricular activities and clubs.  We encourage our pupils to give a great deal to school in order to gain the most from it.

    Our dynamic teachers and enriched curriculum inspire our pupils to embrace challenge at every opportunity.  Our Science Lab, DT Room, Floodlit AstroTurf and IT suite provide the stage for high standards of achievement in specialist curriculum areas.  Our unparalleled range of extracurricular activities and clubs and residential visits ensure that school life is enthralling and a wide variety of interests and skills are developed. 

    Children thrive in our happy and purposeful atmosphere where there is always a ‘buzz’ of activity and where learning is a pleasure. Academic success, challenge, leadership opportunities, team work, respect, and pride in our school are fundamental cornerstones to life at Yarm Prep School and beyond. 

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